Calaé Burgess

If skin-care is at the top of your self-care list, then we have something in common. Whether you’re struggling with skin issues or just wanting to upkeep your beautiful self, I cover many areas to ensure at the end of the day, you are feeling that self-love. Hi, my name is Calaé Burgess and I am a Level 2 and Level 3 certified Beauty Therapist. I specialize in basic & advanced facials, massage & body treatments, as well as hair removal services.

I have a deep-rooted passion for this work and it isn’t only from the years of practice and education I’ve received, it was derived from my own personal experience of dealing with skin issues. I went through a period of horrible breakouts on my face and I was so depressed during this time. Not only was I feeling down but I felt very insecure and started limiting going to functions or having my picture taken.

I tried many products and followed advice from several different avenues, including YouTube and what my friends suggested, yet nothing was giving me the results I desired. That’s when I decided to go to Sephora and ask for advice from a specialist for skincare products. She advised me that I should stop using the drugstore skincare products because the majority of the time they have other synthetic ingredients that can do more harm in the long run. She also introduced me to a “basic skincare routine” which I have now mastered. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing daily can do wonders. After a few weeks, I noticed my face starting the clear up, my confidence was restored. I realized how important skin problems really are. Acne is such a common condition and I knew I wanted to help people who are going through the same feelings I did. That’s when I decided to go to school and become a certified beauty therapist.

Fast forward to 2020, my skin was looking clear and it was doing great until the height of the pandemic. The added stress caused my skin to break out again and this time it was worse. Before panic set in, I reminded myself – I went to school for this, I could apply what I learned and I could even create my own formulas with natural ingredients. Now, my face is flourishing.

With my certifications I possess the knowledge behind the anatomy of the skin and how to address specific problems. My goal is to provide you with a feel good session and educate you on what is best for your skin because the truth is, skincare is a work in progress. My dedication goes beyond a one-time session; I’m here to take your self-care routine to the next level because I want every person to feel comfortable in the body and skin they’re in and bring out your natural glow.

Helping you find your path to loving the skin you’re in