Holly Paiva

Holly’s skill set is different from many and when adding the Bermudian to this experience you now have a world-class product that is truly one of a kind. Holly’s experience includes working at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA for five years in the Department of Sleep Medicine. There she assisted on different sleep studies that tested people’s circadian rhythms based on different factors. While working at the hospital, Holly designed a program of study for her master’s degree. Holly graduated from Lesley University in 2005 with a Master of Arts and focus on Sleep and Dream studies. Later that year, her thesis The Effect of Sleep Apnea on Sleep and Dreaming was published in the Harvard Medical Journal and the Journal of Sleep Science alongside her mentor’s name, the late Dr Ernest Hartmann. Holly became a certified reflexologist in 2004 in order to have a tool to help insomniacs and help to restore the body’s functions from various illnesses and keep healthy individuals well. Holly was certified as a sleep technician in 2018 and has worked for the last several years as a mobile Reflexologist. Reflexology has been widely received on the island and proves time and time again to help restore the client’s body while promoting sleep.

The benefits of Reflexology are vast and promotes wellness in ways that help my clients achieve overall long-term benefits .