I would like to introduce LifeIn3D – where paper comes to life.  My name is Jennifer Burgess and in my spare time, I create three-dimensional greeting cards for any occasion but with a twist!  My passion for greeting cards surfaced in the early ‘80s because I never liked flat cards.  Even if they had foil or glitter, I always found the cards with dimension and movement; such as pop-ups, sliders or spinners, were more attractive.  Since then, I have worked on giving flat cards more life and the changes just get better and better every year.  My cards have also become more personalized, I enjoy adding in custom verses or photos which my valued clients have all loved.  

My love for creating cards with the perfect message comes from my love for English literature.  I am an author and have seven books, six of which I have self-published.  Creating with paper is my favourite thing to do and most of the time I cut each card by hand. 

Then come the embellishments and bling.  I have tons of glitter, and when I say tons, I mean tons.       I make embellishments with paper, clay or resin; all of which are eco-friendly.  The resin is quick-drying without odour and the glitter glue is washable with plain soap and water.   Initially, I was making cards for family members and friends but as people began to see my work, I began to get regular requests.  

Now, I’m offering my speciality cards for purchase at PamperME Services because what better way to share with someone you love; an act of love through a self-care service and with words of affirmation through a custom-made card.  

You can design your own card and write your own message or design your own card and I write the message or you can choose a one-of-a-kind card from my collection.  

My work involves getting to know my clients, their preferences and creating the perfect gift and because words have meaning. I try to get a feel for how the card giver feels about the recipient so that I can create the perfect verse for the inside or guide them to craft the perfect message.  

The questions I usually ask my client are as follows:  

  1.  What does the card recipient like? i.e. flowers, bowling etc. 
  2.   If they have a favourite colour
  3.  If they have a favourite pastime
  4.  Relationship to the card giver
  5. Their name and age. This information can go on the card or just to assist me in designing an age appropriate card 

I love coming up with new designs and ideas and my cards don’t just end there!  I make wedding invitations, event tickets, thank you cards, note cards, the list is endless.  Whatever you think of, whatever the occasion or event, I’m sure together, we can create it.   

You can find my latest creations right here and I hope you find something you love; an expression that will make a beautiful gift and keepsake in anyone’s home.  

Don’t think of a card as just a piece of paper you hold, think of it more like a hug with a fold.