Kalyani Saraf Helwatkar

Namaste! I am Kalyani and I’m here to take care of your Interior Design needs. I believe that when designing the interior of a house, you don’t just change the space but you actually change the lifestyle of the people living in that house.

It means a lot to me when people trust me with their home and their needs, so I ensure that we have a thorough consultation to understand; your lifestyle, what your aesthetic preferences are, how they can be functional and what design elements can make your life easier. During my time working on several residential projects, I’ve always managed to build a collaborative relationship with my clients. It is very important for me that your requirements are met and you are completely satisfied with the end result.

I obtained my education from one of the top universities in India, Mumbai’s SNDT University, where I completed the Interior Design program. I am also certified in AutoCAD, 3DsMax from an authorized AutoDesk center and am proficient in Sketchup and Layout. I was actually studying Engineering when I felt like something was missing, I wasn’t fulfilled in this area and started to focus on what my true passions were. As I recalled back to the times that made me happiest, it was whenever I was doing arts and crafts. As a child I would spend hours drawing, sketching and making ceramic artifacts. I realized what I truly wanted was to be an Interior Designer and that’s when I made the shift in my educational path.

I know the potential every space has and although you might not know specifically the changes you want to make, you may feel like something is just missing; much like when I was studying Engineering. You have the desire to change your living space and you aren’t sure in which way, that’s where I come in. I can redirect you to a path of choices you may not even know you have and for any budget. One of my memorable projects was with a family of four in Mumbai, India where houses are built in a very small area. The challenge in this case was the space crunch. The house was just around 600sq.ft with only one balcony. Since there was just one bedroom, they had converted the balcony into their adolescent child’s bedroom and although it was very small I had to accommodate their bed, wardrobe, dressing and a desk.
For this, I made a foldable table for studying, a sliding door wardrobe with a mirror shutter. The living room was also a dining room, so I had a design made of a foldable dining table with storage underneath. With these designs, my clients were stunned and were happily surprised. They immediately approved of it and asked me to get it in their house. This is one instance where I realized that my efforts made them happy as well as made their life easy, which I feel good about.

On the flip side, I had a project with a higher budget but with this comes higher responsibilities and many many choices. The client was quite perplexed when choosing veneers, laminates and it’s colours. The design element they wanted was simple yet elegant and colorful. By doing permutation and combinations, we were able to finalize one choice. The end result was even better than we could imagine. During this entire project, both myself and my client had enjoyed the journey and were eager to see the end result.
A space can be made into an endless amount of ways, it’s about getting the right person to do the job to get the results that will leave you happiest. I aim to design homes which will leave you feeling fulfilled and happy. In turn, it actually brings me happiness, seeing the joy of my clients. Let’s work together to make your home beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

A House, A Home, A Lifestyle