Olivette Armstrong

My clients can expect top-quality attention to their home care needs. My name is Olivette Armstrong and I have over 25 years of cleaning experience, not only in residential homes but at several large estate properties and most recently at a nursery!

I take pride in my work and it shows. My expertise is hearing what the client desires and delivering. You will feel pride in your home, once I’m through. Home cleaning can be a tiresome chore especially for those with busy schedules, but we all know those feel-good feelings when entering a home that is well put together and sparkling. Everyone deserves to have a cozy space and I can take your home from disarray to lovely in no time. I even have my signature scent to heighten the joy of this home care experience.

Self-care encompasses more than just your physical body, your environment shapes your wellbeing and state of health, as well. If you’re on the fence about booking a home cleaning service, just know you’ll be thanking yourself later.

Home is where the heart is, let’s keep it beautiful!