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About Us

As professionals that held fast-paced and demanding careers, we are no strangers to the whirlwind of constant pressure, travel, and time-sensitive deadlines. Time was something that was a valued commodity.  The never-ending struggle to find life balance seemed to be a constant battle.   We realized our life and our soul required nourishment.

If we did not focus on self-love, wellness and balance there would be no quality in our tomorrows.  We realized self-love is an action and that is when the definition of Spiritude was born.  Spiritude is the act of taking care of yourself from the inside out.  We had focused on external demands instead of prioritizing internally first; this wasn’t going to sustain or allow us to recharge and therefore, we had a change in our attitudes.
Then 2020 tore in and impacted so many lives.  After unfortunate events with COVID-19, we were determined to find the silver lining. We took some time to reconnect with our spouses, families and pets, and discovered we felt rejuvenated and recharged! Our soul was pleading with us and we could not hear it over the bustle of our everyday lives.  It was amazing to see, by dedicating a little bit of time to ourselves, each week got easier to face, creating a lasting effect.

We decided to take on the challenge

of providing the one priceless commodity we all seem to be searching for…TIME. Time for yourself, time for your pets, time with your loved ones and time for whatever is important to you.

Our Priority

is to allow flexibility both to our professional service providers and to our clients.

Our Goal

is to become your go-to service provider, who you can rely on with safe, high-quality services focused on removing the everyday stresses in your life.

Our Services

are designed to be personalized and not to be commercialized.

Our objective

is that once you have experienced a PamperME Service you/your loved ones feel rejuvenated, relaxed and fulfilled.

Our Brand

is about human connections and taking care of what is important to you.

After all, everyone deserves to be pampered. PamperME is a brand that believes in quality and convenience. If you have any questions feel free to contact us on our WE LISTEN button on our homepage.