FOR HER: 3D Cards


A wide selection of cards for that special lady, friend or family.

Select your occasion and design and our artist will provide you with your own unique 3D card.

Not sure what you want?

Select from our exclusive pre- design options

Note Cards 2 x 4 and 4 x 6 and under

Regular size 5 x 7

Large 8 x 10

“Xtra” Large anything over 8×10 (If stock is available).

Matte or glossy high-quality paper.

As little or a lot of glitter or bling available with strong non-odorous adhesive.

Long-lasting 3D handcrafted cards are the perfect keepsake for your loved ones



All cards are 3D and made from heavy-duty, glossy paper to ensure lasting quality.

Special glitter and accessories are placed with a non-odour powerful adhesive to keep your cards sparkly over time.

Customize the card, message and any components of the card or let our artist create something spectacular especially for you.

Either way, your card will be designed with your vision in mind.

Order today and feel free to leave notes when booking with any specifications or modifications you would like to make.

Additional charges for extra large cards (if stock available)

Contactless delivery or curbside pick up available.




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